IPCC Expert Meeting: Climate Research Community Looks Into Future Scenarios


Expert  Meeting  of  the  Intergovernmental  Panel  on  Climate  Change  (IPCC) to  discuss  and  further develop new socio economic scenarios as shared tools for climate research.

Experts from the climate change research community will meet with representatives of the IPCC at the meeting hosted by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria.

Scenarios, as used in research with integrated assessment models, are stories about potential ways that  the  future  might  develop.

They feature specific  quantitative  elements  and  details  about  how sectors  such  as  the  economy,  climate,  and  the  energy  sector  interact.  By  looking  at  scenarios, researchers look for insights into the paths and circumstances that might lead to specific objectives.