At The Close Of September UN Talks, Observers Leave With Call For Urgent Compromise


Today marked the close of the penultimate intersessional before heads of state, ministers, and negotiators head to Paris in December to finalise what should be a comprehensive and universal climate agreement.

All over the world, public support for climate action is growing, but progress at the negotiating tables and within the text remains incremental. As heat records continue to fall, and the world is beset by extreme storms, droughts, and wildfires, people are calling for swift action and a strong deal.

In Bonn this week, negotiators grappled with the new tool produced by the co-chairs to guide negotiations. While not obviously apparent in the text, there was a new willingness by countries to more openly discuss potential roadblock issues in detail like loss and damage, differentiation, finance, and a mechanism to scale up action in the years to come.