8.3 Magnitude Earthquake Struck In Chile


Warnings of Tsunami issued to California coasts line including Mexico, Russia, New Zealand, Hawaii and many other Pacific islands due to the 8.3-Magnitude Quake in Chile off the coast of Chile a short while ago.

In Chile, the first quake’s epicenter was about 34 miles west of the inland town of Illapel, Chile, the U.S. Geological Center said. It occurred around 3:54 p.m. PT and had a depth of 15.5 miles. Illapel is about 130 miles north of Chile’s capital, Santiago. It was initially reported as a magnitude-7.9 quake, but that was upgraded to 8.3, according to USGS. Chile’s national emergency agency issued a tsunami warning, ordering evacuations in coastal areas from Arica to Puerto Aysen. Hazardous tsunami waves were forecast for some coasts, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center announced. Waves up to nearly 10 feet above the tide line were possible in Chile, the center said.