Survival Code For Human Race On This Planet


Brain stimulates the human to do many thing by their Behavior and the way there think. It happens in two ways, voluntary and involuntary action. Involuntary action are the thing that happens within the body. Voluntary action is psychological concept is part of cognitive psychology, philosophy, neurology, criminology, and many other fields. It is associated with consciousness and will. Voluntary action works with action effect. Action effect is when an individual has learned to associate a particular action with a particular outcome. Thus, voluntary action is demonstrated when one cognitively identifies the desired outcome and pairs it with the action it will take to achieve it. But this action leads the human to do various things for their own pleasure. Where the people forgets the nature and starts generating thing what will affects the environment and lives of many other species.

Let’s see an example for a Voluntary action in your day to day life. When we need to travel someway we use our own vehicle with luxury seat and high speed capable. As you all know the emission from the vehicles leads many changes in the atmosphere and the effects human directly.
The presence of 16 multiplicative self-reinforcing positive feedback loops in climate change, and the finding that we are close to the inner limit of the “Circumstellar habitable zone”, looking at the deep past, correlating CO2 levels with temperature and sea level rise, has been used as evidence of near-term human extinction. There is a 40-year lag in the consequences of emissions and temperature rise. We are locked into consequences with 0.8 degrees C, with current temperature increase resulting from 40 years ago. In the last 29 years we have seen a greater increase in CO2 emissions than in the last 100 years.
In around 1 billion years from now, the Sun’s brightness will increase as a result of a shortage of hydrogen and the heating of its outer layers will cause the Earth’s oceans to evaporate, leaving only minor forms of life.However, well before this, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be too low to support plant life, destroying the foundation of the food chains.
About 7–8 billion years from now, after the Sun has become a red giant, the Earth will probably be engulfed by an expanding Sun and destroyed
This is one single example but there are many more things that cause the effect to the world. Voluntary action takes place with our knowledge where this action can be controlled by the human.
Human has realized that the extinction for their raceand started to implement various types of precaution in the 21stCentury. People can use the public transports to travel, sharing the vehicle within the family. Planting trees on the roof top as a garden which will give good view of your house and that will also protect the environment. Switching off the light and reducing usage of things which cause the health hazards to people.
When it comes to country wise prevention we can increase the efficiency rate of the alternative energy production. As we all know sun out surface is getting heater. The heat that come for the sun can be used as the main raw material for solar power plantation in tropical countries which is closer to the equator. Island countries can use the wave energy to generate electricity by wind mill power plantation   meantime which it should available for the public at reasonable cost where they can afford to use it with proper guidelines ,but these precautions are not well executed by the people after the implementation in many counties. For example Vehicle Emission test are not done in accurate way but the vehicle have being given the permission to drive on the road. The government of the each countries has the responsibility to make sure the above said things are well implemented and take necessary actions to prevent it and make aware the public of the latest news. 
It’s not just one or two people’s responsibility. 7 billion people rights and responsibility to save the world along with their government. Everything can be just controlled with the Survival code that is “Think”. Which everyone has to do that before they start their daily workand I strongly believe that the next generation will have bright future and Earth will be a happy place to live in the solar system.