Bridges Needed From Bonn To Paris


Midway through the final negotiating UN climate negotiations session ahead of Paris COP21, delegates are settling in to the hard work of discussing the updated draft text of the agreement, delving into the details and nuances of the many proposed options. Expert observers from Climate Action Network provided their perception of the pace and progress of the negotiations.

In Bonn, countries have moved to take ownership of the text, inserting a more balanced roster of options into the starting draft developed by the co-chairs, but progress in the spin-off groups has been mixed and slow. To achieve a good result by the end of the session on Friday, delegates will need to work more quickly towards multilateral compromise and begin to submit bridging proposals to create a more focused text. The mixed and sluggish progress comes as civil society observers have been barred from observing the negotiations in the spin-off groups, preventing NGOs from contributing their expertise to the process.