Light The Way –Sri Lanka


Light the Way is a once in a generation opportunity to tackle the most pressing issues of our time: Poverty, inequality and climate change.In Sri Lanka the marine conservation force, “ Poseidon Army “ is organizing this event at the Galle Fort with the participation of 100 school students and 25 civil society activists.

World leaders will gather in New York City this September to sign on to a series of global goals to ensure a brighter future for people and planet.On September 24th, the night before the global goals are announced the world will come together in a unique moment of global solidarity to mark one of the most significant opportunities of our generation. Our journey will begin in Australia and move across over 70 countries from India and Sri Lanka to South Africa from the UK to Brazil where thousands of people will gather to light the way to New York and this historic agreement.

On the 24th September stand with us UNDER ONE SKY and send a clear and united message to world leaders: we won’t settle for fine words and we’ll be shining a light on you every step of the way.

Join us and Post your pictures with lighting a candle, torch or any other light you may have to show your support for the event.You can participate from any part of Sri Lanka.