Qatar Foundation Young Innovators Program


The Qatar Foundation Young Innovators Program strives to attract bright young Arabic minds and talent, and encourages gifted youth to reach their full potential.  The Program awards educational scholarships to exceptional Arab students of lower and higher secondary age for the duration of their secondary and undergraduate studies.

Since the program was established, a wide range of students have been selected. These are gifted young people from across the Arab regions who have demonstrated remarkable ability and aptitude in a variety of disciplines in science, technology and the arts.

They include:

· Palestinian Iqbal Al Assaad became the youngest ever medical graduate from Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar in 2013.

· Sudanese Mursi Khalid Mursi Saleh began studying at Qatar Academy in 2006 and is the first child from the Middle East to become a member of Mensa – the most prestigious IQ society in the world.

· Raji Al Hammori studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and is pursuing a career at MIT.

· Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year old from Texas, United States, is the latest student to accept a scholarship under the Young Innovators Program.

The program has provided scholarships and mentorship to these students, many of whom would not otherwise have had access to the top quality education provided by Qatar Foundation.


Education and Young Innovators at Qatar Foundation

At Qatar Foundation, everything starts with education. Our students are immersed in a culture of learning that nurtures their creativity, innovation, and prioritizes the development of research skills.

Students have the opportunity to grow and flourish at some of the best performing secondary schools in Qatar. Many of them go on to pursue higher education in QF’s range of world-class university campuses, which include Weill Cornell Medicine, Georgetown University, Texas A&M University, Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Thus the students have the opportunity to study for degrees in subjects ranging from medicine to computing, engineering to journalism, as they prepare to become the leaders of tomorrow.