Shenzhen City In Southern China Hits With Landslides


The city is one of China’s biggest and is a major industrial center. It is situated in the southern province of Guangdong, across the mainland border from Hong Kong.
More than 900 worker were Evacuated, the disaster as been record as the worst landslide in 30 years where many factories collapsed.

The landslide has blanketed a vast area of 380,000 sq. m (455,000 sq. yards) covering it with up to 10m (32ft) of mud at an industrial park, Shenzhen’s emergency management office said on its official micro blog.
That the landslide caused an explosion at a natural gas pipeline. Workers have cleaned up about 400m of damaged pipeline and are now repairing it.
The incident comes after huge explosions at a chemical warehouse in the port city of Tianjin in August which killed nearly 200 people living in nearby residential complexes.
That high-profile tragedy raised questions on industrial safety and city zoning laws, and Chinese authorities had vowed to improve standards.
The government has taken many measures to rescue the people.