Ice Age Will Be Delay By 100 Thousands Years


Huge amount of  carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by the Human,which could postpone the next ice age by more than 100,000 years, according to new research which finds humans are having a “mind-boggling” impact on the Earth.

the volume of CO2 emissions that has accumulated in the atmosphere is so great that it has fundamentally changed the relationship between people and the planet as human behavior radically alters the way the system operates, the research shows
The study found that the next ice age would be pushed back by about 50,000 years even if emissions stopped overnight. And if the volume of greenhouse gases forecast to be produced in the coming decades comes to pass it could be postponed by more than 100,000 years.

The impact of greenhouse gases is so profound and long-lasting because they can linger in the atmosphere for centuries. During this time they upset the evolution of the ice sheets of the Northern Hemisphere which build up gradually over a period of 90,000 years through a complex, highly uneven, feedback mechanism of cooling temperatures, increasing snowfall, rising levels of reflected sunlight and falling temperatures.