Half The World To Face Severe Water Stress By 2030


Half the World to Face Severe Water Stress by 2030 unless Water Use is “Decoupled” from Economic Growth, Says International Resource Panel

Demand for water set to outstrip supply by 40 per cent, highlighting urgent need to improve how humans use the precious resource

Without altering current levels of water consumption and pollution, almost half of the world’s population will suffer severe water stress by 2030, damaging the well-being of millions of people, according to a new report from the International Resource Panel (IRP).

The report, entitled Policy Options for Decoupling Economic Growth from Water Use and Water Pollution, finds that as the global population rises, increased urbanization, climate change and a shift in how food is consumed are likely to dramatically increase future demand for water.

Under current trends, demand for water will exceed supply by 40 per cent in 2030, the report says, forcing governments to spend $200 billion per year on upstream water supply as demand outstrips cheaper forms of supply – up from historic averages of $40 to $45 billion.