The breeze which awakes from the sky that relaxes the mind of people who lived in the long sandy shore in the Southeast Asia. It is the place where a mesmerizing beautiful fishes start their day. Not only the fishes but also the hearts of the souls who lived there was filled satisfaction and enjoyment. Al though they have not experienced the luxurious art of living. The art nature gave them more enjoyment, with these infrastructure their lived a fisherman named Paduma who lives from mouth to hand with his family. The Broad shore invites Paduma for fishing every day and send him with handful of fishes which is considered as an emeralds for the fisherman.

Paduma’s Small house made up of wood was situated short distance away from the sea. Not the only the sea but 5also the smile of the little child Coral creates unexplainable fantasies above him. The moment he see Carol he loses his adulthood and change himself to childhood.
The day’s passes throughout time never waits to anyone at any time. Carol take steps into her School life with a great expectations. Paduma was also very delighted to take Carol to see in her next part of life. Paduma and Carol experienced the best parts of their life during this time, but when time goes Carol starts to put forward her requirements higher than before when Paduma was not in stage to full fill the needs of Carol Perfectly. This made Paduma fell bad and worried where he puts his maximum efforts in Fishing. But the Results he gained through was not up to his expected level.
Day by Day the income of Paduma Reaches down, his efforts in fishing increased but at certain point. Children’s acts smarter than elders. Carol also was not an exception for it. The little Carol understands the level of income of the father and tries to find out the root cause for this situation. One Cold night when Paduma comes home with some few countable fishes. Carol asks Paduma the question “father why we aren’t able to full fill our requirement up to the needs? Is there any problem in the way of fishing or are you unable to catch fish in the sea very strongly?”
Paduma thinks for a moment and replies “it may be that nature is trying to show difficult of life”. Carol was not happy with Paduma’s Answer but with a great confusion she goes to sleep. Although Paduma answered Carol question he still didn’t identify a solution. He keeps questioning himself again and again. Not only Paduma’s Life. When times vanishes many families that rely on fishing are led to starvation for the basic needs that could lead to ultimate death which no human being on earth would like to face it just because of the sea doesn’t fulfills their Hunger.
Over the last Centuries Indian ocean has been warming at a faster rate than other oceans in the world. The change of the temperature is between 0.7 C to 1.2 C, while the global mean change are put in to 0.8 C perspective. The Indian Ocean has warmed two to three times faster than the central Tropical pacific this warming is partly because of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Additionally the Indian Ocean is landlocked in the north. Unlike the pacific and Atlantic restricting the oceans circulation from fleshing out heat to the poles. This would lead to temperamental Monsoon and also effect the food web. Long days of drought with extreme rainfall that destroys the paddy field and deal to below the Agriculture industry. Fishing Industry too will take a hit because of decline in the phytoplankton a microscopic plants that are the basic building blocks of the food web.
The change in the Ocean Temperature could result to fish migrating to cooler water dying out the entirely or getting affected by the Invasive species. The warming of Indian Ocean will take a fall on food security. Not just for the South-East Asia but the entire world.
Today one of the major industries which puts out the greenhouse effecting gases are the Fossil fuel Industry and the Nuclear Power Plantation. The power production for South-East Asia area region is mostly produced by these two major Industries. As we all know the world have reached the top rungs of the technology which has created a new path that could produce electricity in effective and efficient way. Which led to the most successful ways of producing electricity are Wind Mill and the solar power.
During the past few years a Catastrophic changes in the atmosphere which has led to Rising of the temperature and the time variation for monsoon changes mostly in the tropical countries. The time has risen for an energy transition for the entire world and especially South-East Asia Region. As you know the nature has changed we as the Citizens of the world have to adopt to its changes for the Survival of Human Race.
By looking at the phenomena we can use the Light energy as a main raw material to implementing the Solar Power plantation would be the ideal way to produce Electricity. It’s not only Paduma’s Family there are many human lives effected by the Cause and the Future generation would also undergo such situation that would end up in human extinction.
We cannot stop the Climate change this late in day but we can do our part to stop and Start raising the voice against the Fossil Fuel Industry and nuclear power plantation as youth. Let’s avoid the aggravating the situation and lobby our Politician to make a smarter environmental sound polices. I believe that we are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that could do something to create one possible future.