A Giant Canvas For COP22 With The Association Travive


The aim of the canvas is to have a reminder of everyone’s commitment to action during the COP22 in Marrakech”, explains Aïcha Detsouli, president of Travive and a member of Moroccan Coalition for Climate Justice (CMJC). Once completed, the 10 x 7m canvas, to be title by the scientific

committee of COP22, will be reproduced in different forms, pictures, greeting cards, book marks, stamps etc.

We want the canvas to be made available to everyone, distributed and exhibited as a reminder of the footprint left in Marrakech”, added Mrs Detsouli.Artist for a day, Abdelghani Maroufi, President of the Moroccan Association for the Protection of the Environment and Climate (ASMAPEC), drew in Arabic “Protecting our climate, is protecting Earth”. We are here at COP22, to participate like all civil society to advocate against the effects of climate change”, she explains.
Another canvas will be produced on the 10th November, by the children of the Auguste Renoir School in Marrakech with the support of the regions Tangier, Oujda and Rabat, three other canvases were created for the occasion of MedCOP in Tangier, and les PreCOP in Oujda and Rabat.  For the duration of COP22, the latter two canvases will be displayed on the large facades of the Theatre Royal, Marrakech.

Created in 2010, Travive (Rabat’s Green Town Initiative) is an organisation engaged in the protection of the environment. The Canvas Project has received support from the inter-ministerial delegation of Human Rights (DIDH).The organisation is in the process of developing, for the occasion of COP22, the network “Greening Madinati”, (Make my Town Green), a network that brings together all the green town associations of Morocco, The Maghreb, and Africa.