Dry Weather To Continue With High Temperatures


Department of Meteorology states that rain is expected after firsts week of May.  According to Met department a strong solar energy hitting the surface of the Indian Ocean region and the temperature could rise in 5C in some areas.

In addition sea areas were predicted to be rough from Kankesanthurai to Puttalam via Mannar and Pottuvil and up to the Hambantota area with winds reaching 60kmp/h. Temperatures in some areas were fairly high and it rose to 37.7C in Trincomalee while it was 33C average in other areas. Already the country’s main reservoirs are mostly running below 30 per cent capacity. The two large reservoirs Victoria and Randenigala, have a higher storage capacity but the water needs to be conserved as a back-up for the harvesting season that begins in April.