National Research Symposium On Sustainable Management In Pigeon Island


National Research Symposium on sustainable management of Pigeon Island National Park was conducted on April 27th -28th 2017, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka with the theme of Sharing Knowledge for a sustainable management of Pigeon Island Ecosystem.

This event was organized by The Participatory Coastal Zone Restoration and Sustainable Management Project (PCZRSMP) in Trincomalee under the Department of Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management, Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment, Marine Environment Protection Authority and Department of Wild life conservation. Main Objectives of the symposium was to explore the facts on Pigeon Island Ecosystem and to enhance the national scientific experts to catalyze advance scientific knowledge on Pigeon Island National Park, which presented the research findings to promote interdisciplinary contact between the researchers to create effective action through leadership and shared responsibility at all levels of government and society.

The symposium was started on 27th of April and conducted for 02 days as a field trip was conducted in the Pigeon Island. The explanation on Pigeon Island Ecosystem and the project interventions regarding the Pigeon Island Ecosystem was given to all the invitees by Mr. Arjan Rayasooriya, IUCN, Colombo and by Mr. ChandanaSenevirathna, District Project Coordinator, PCZRSMP, Trincomalee respectively.

The National Research Symposium was participated by  specialists from different sectors including Department of Coast Conservation and Coastal Resources Management, Marine Environment Protection Authority, Panel members from several universities, academies, The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Department of Wild Life Conservation, Forest Department, research presenters, authors, Divisional Secretary, Trincomalee, Media, etc, were also participated for the field trip and for the symposium.

Following abstracts was presented in scientific sessions.

Biodiversity/Natural Resources Conservation & Management

Socio-Economic dimensions & Management

Marine Pollution & Depletion of Coral Reef

Climate Change and Geological changes