Extremism Against Mother Nature


Extremism has become a bigger social concern in this century than ever. People have forgotten the very basic rule of mother nature is to encourage variety thus, making the Earth a rich platform for living beings.

Extremism always starts with a personal belief or experience. Most extremism cases are revolving around a religious belief, racial or anthropological difference or geographical ownership. The most unfortunate fact is that still no one has ever become an extremist for nature. Anthropological differences were supposed to make the world a richer place. But unfortunately, humans have misunderstood the message from mother nature and started to think that they have given a special blessing to be belonged to a certain group, thus everyone else must respect and bow-down them.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful little island filled with immense variety. Comparing with bigger countries, this tiny island has a very high biological, social, and cultural diversity. This diversity is something that needs to be protected and encouraged, instead of flattening out.

In recent times, there were many news reports about some politicians conducting environmental threatening activities. Most of these incidents are not yet proved to be illegal in any judiciary system and some of the cases are in the process of investigating.

The question that needs to be asked is the motive of these environmental destructive activities…? Most of these activities are based on a personal intention and mainly it is revolving around earning more financial power.

If one’s personal intentions are threatening the mother nature, that needs to be dealt in the personal level. But this is where the “Extremism” takes its advantage. Instead of accusing the person who have done the destruction, these extremists like to accuse the whole racial group that person belongs to.Making it a fault of that whole racial group.

Extracting a thought shared by Environmentalist Ravindra Kariyawasam, diversity is something that needs to be protected and nurtured. And environment shouldn’t be taken as a tool to create more racial problems.

It is time for people to embrace and encourage the diversity. We all are parts of a big machine called nature and if we destroy one of its parts, the whole system collapses. Therefore this “I don’t care” attitude needs to be changed to “I do Care” attitude. Because if we don’t care, mother nature will stop caring us too.