Keep A Sapling Like A Girl - Says President


“keep and protect a sapling which is planted by you, like a way you keep and protect a little girl with love and compassion from her birth to young age. That was why we started the reforestation project –Vana Roopa(planting program) on the International Day of girl Child(October 11)” ,Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena revealed while addressing the opening ceremony of Sri Lanka Next program as a chief guest on 16th of October 2017 at BMICH, Colombo. President Sirisena has been considered as one among the very few environmental friendly politicians in Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lanka Next Program “has been continuing as a local effort to implement the recommendation of Paris Convention of climatic changes and safeguard the environment

according to international standards since 2016. Sri Lanka was the first Asian country to sign the Paris Convention under the leadership of current president in 2015.National Environmental

Awards Ceremony was held as an opening event of “Sri Lanka Next “Program with a participation of President, several ministers, scientists, researchers, diplomats, foreign delegates and etc. on 16th October 2017 to give rewards for efforts of local individuals and organizations of various sectors in society who had involved in a goal of sustainable development.

‘Climatic change is a global phenomenon; It’s not only limited to Sri Lanka. As a country we will get maximum efforts to conserve our environment.” President added. He was in a perception that environmental laws should be further strengthened.” We enforced the ban on polythene in previous days. But some people protested against it. Perhaps, Sri Lanka may be the

first ever country where people are protesting against the ban of polythene,” that words were delivered in sarcastic manner.” However, we will try to enforce prevailing environmental laws

strictly and also will not hesitate to introduce new laws if there is a necessity.”, he emphasized. “SL Next” program is included conferences, seminars, exhibitions, workshops and many other aspects which are contributing to raise the awareness of public over environmental issues and climate changes.