Culture, Nature, And Human Life


Origin of a culture is based on the environmental conditions of the community. Certain practices that helps the community to survive becomes a part of the culture. For example, eating lots of meat helped the ancient Anglo Saxons to survive the cruel winters. In a hard environment like that, physically stronger person survives, and that persons DNA will pass down to the current generations. Possibly the reason most Caucasians have well-built body structures.

Same way, if the ancestors enjoyed a more comfortable and less challenging life style in a tropical jungle rich with food supply chains, their physique would not develop any further, hence, the anatomical structure would be small. However, since they need to spend less time finding food, they possibly would have spent a far better time developing intellectual skills,

Everything can be changed manually using scientific innovations except core anatomical functions which evolves only for genuine environmental requirements. Communities in more cold and challenging environments get more access to food and less requirement to have a stronger body structures. But such communities now focus on developing their intellectual skills by investing on new innovations. On the contrary, communities in Asian cultures slowly realizing that their once rich environment is now not sophisticated enough to feed the large population. But too many centuries were spend developing the intellectual skills that it had created a monster called Political Power, which leads the community in to extinction.  Probably the reason many communities that had a pleasant environment with easy access to many food chains are now experiencing many political and environmental turmoil. Hence, ends up being under developed, poor countries.

Looking at the bigger picture, sometimes, harsh environments creates better people, better ethics and better development. Because, no matter how developed the science is, most primary requirement of any living being is to be fed. When humans live in harsher conditions, the only thing that becomes important is surviving the day. Therefore, they will not take the MotherNature in to granted, but will protect it and try to sustain it.

Communities who have environmentally rich countries, yet suffer from poverty, pollution and power struggle still taking their luck with MotherNature for granted, and remains poor forever. Communities such as many developed Western countries has understood the gravity of human dependency of MotherNature, therefore practices protecting it.


Current culture of a nation consists with current practices of that nation. A nation that is not flexible enough to change its bad practices will never develops a better culture. This probably is the reason many Asian, African, and South American countries that had better environmental contexts now experiencing the sustainable challenges.