World Forests Day


World Forest Day is celebrated today (March 21) in Sri Lanka under the universal theme of,”forests and sustainable cities”. The main celebration is held on Crow Island   ,Mattakkuliya.  Which is located at Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) Area.

“CMC already declared Crow Island as a city green park. However, there are many remaining shortcomings, yet to be corrected. The main program commence as sapling growing event. Not only in Crow Island, many areas of the country, we will launch sapling growing events in many city areas on world forest day.”,Anura Sathurusingha,the head of the forest department said while participating to a media briefing previously.

Anura Dissanayaka, the Secretary of a Ministry of Environment and Mahaweli Development said that there were only 3% of lands of the earth belongs to cities. However,  around 50% of world population living in cities. So, concept of forests and sustainable cities is most relevant for modern day world.

And the head of forest department, Aura Sathurusingha said that deforestation rate of Sri Lanka was around 6000 hectares per year and the issue should be addressed immediately.