Vigil Mounted On Illegal Transport Of Padauk Furniture In Middle Andaman


In the wake of mushrooming timber business in the North and Middle Andaman region, the Forest Department in Middle Andaman has intensified vigilance on transport of furniture items particularly those made of paduak. Several furniture items made of padauk have been seized by the
Forest Department from trucks transporting the material without proper documents in the past 15 days, as per information.

The Forest Department has reportedly directed beat employees deployed in Forest Check Posts to intercept all transport vehicles and conduction inspection of the timber materials loaded. During intercepts conducted in the past few days, huge quantity of furniture items made of paduak
has been seized after the transporter failed to produce proper documents like bills etc.

“Many government employees in the North and Middle Andaman district purchase furniture made of paduak from local manufacturers on relatively low prices and without obtaining bills against the purchases. After their transfer to the South Andaman region, they get the paduak furniture transported to their homes. The practice has increased manifold in the past few years giving rise to illegal sale of furniture made of paduak here. The initiative of the Forest Department has drawn accolades as it will put a curb on illegal trade of timber particularly paduak,” said a resident of Rangat.