Statement By His Excellency Mr. Fikret Ozer, Ambassador Of The Republic Of Turkey


The occasion of the 2nd year anniversary of the failed coup attempt on 15th July 2016 in the Republic of Turkey, His Excellency Mr. Fikret Ozer, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey says the Mastermind behind this was Fetullah Gülen the leader of FETÖ.


Fetullah Gülen and his disciples planned and tried to capture the Turkish Republic and did not shied away from using lethal military force against innocent civilians, killing 251 and wounding thousands.

There has been strong evidence based on the two year long investigation along with the Judicial process on the failed attempted coup which took place two years ago.

The crime syndicate behind all this known as FETO devised and ran an integrated system that took care of recruitment through schools and cram schools and financing was taken care by holding companies and donations from business people.

The Turkish armed forces had discovered and listed most of the so-called military personnel who were actually recruits of the organization and was getting ready to expel them on the 15th July 2016.

As the organization grew stronger and became more affluent it started meddling in business transactions, government tender processes. Laundering enormous sums of money, arranging illegal transfers of cash and other financial crimes became business as usual.

When the Turkish Government finally understood what was actually taking place, FETÖ started taking drastic and extreme actions.  The first wave of these actions came in December 2013, where the organization released a number of so-called recordings and fabricated material. That attack proved inconclusive and provided the wake-up call both to the government and to the public.

Upon discovering their secret communication systems (ByLock, Eagle, Tango, etc) and interception of instructions we started to counter their moves and discover the extent of the infiltration and the infection it caused.

His Excellency Ambassador Mr. Fikret Ozer said, We are pleased to note ever increasing awareness on part of  our partners regarding the security threat posed by FETÖ. In many regions FETÖ schools and other entities have been closely inspected and put under state control and Investigations into FETÖ structures and FETÖ operatives are under way in many countries and Global crime apparatus of this organization is now shrinking.