Polythene Is One Of The Most Unpleasant Word


Today polythene is one of the most unpleasant words in the community and it’s renowned as a common plastic. As of 2017,

over 100 million tone of polyethylene resins are produced annually, accounting for 34% of the total plastics market. Its primary use in packaging such as plastic bags, Plastic films, Plastic bottles in our day today life.

We are used to get the polythene due to huge availability and easy way of access to receive the in any corner of the world, but unfortunately we as human don’t realize the effect that cause to the mother earth that has given us the shelter and resources. As you may know, Plastics have negative ecological associations, Plastic affects human health. It will cause cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption and other ailments. And more over It contains harmful chemicals which is badly effect on women & children. It doesn’t stop at that point but also the effects other creatures that live in our planet. Where polluting our oceans, killing wildlife, and damaging our health, and there are widespread calls to get rid of it. People may have to suffer from different kinds of Syndromes as a result of the Polythene use. It will effect on Agriculture industry as well due to harmful chemicals released to the paddy fields and oceans. Since the bag has been used for single time, companies have to produce more bulks since the need is high and the environment also get polluted.

Solution that could prevent using of the polythene and plastic in today context, I strongly believe that national government, states and non-profitable organizations should conduct many more and more awareness programs to the public on the bad affect. Steps should be taken at school level, grassroots and companies to educate the them. Specially to educate the future generation in our country school curriculum system should also consist of these issues and effects and also Can conduct programs on global effectiveness and people who are suffering from diseases.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, plastic has been found in more than 60 per cent of all seabirds and 100 per cent of sea turtle species. Ingesting plastic has life-threatening effects on wildlife – and this plastic eventually ends up being digested by humans. Birds who consume fish are at risk of consuming 11,000 fragments of plastic each year, according to a recent Belgian study.

AS you may know that plastic bags are lightweight and float easily, this enables them to travel longer distances when picked up by the wind Often, the bags will fall along the coast oceans and other areas of animal habitats, which creatures then attempt to eat, only to choke and eventually starve to death. After the animal carcass has rotted away, the bag is normally released – only for the whole process to be repeated again.

The Solutions that we provide would create a better environment to the future and existing generation. As result of that we would get fresh and cleaner sir in the atmosphere that we could breath, also that could save the people from illness and diseases. Less expenditure on cleaning etc since the environment shows the clear picture.

We, all human beings are looking for a less polluted environment to live peacefully, especially for our children. If we polluted our Mother Nature, it will badly effect on our children and they will have to suffer a lot to prevent from the side / bad effects which can arise in near future.

Therefore, to protect our environment is a must since we need to live happily with our children.