Digital World With Artificial Environment Lead Global Warming


As human beings we are heading to a Digital world with artificial environments. New innovations, Research & Developments, practical experiments etc play a vital role in today’s management. As a result, people interested in involving with modern technology which will be a one reason to create the pollution. Pollution is the contaminants into the natural environment which causes adverse

change and can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light, air etc.

One of the most significant effects of air pollution is on climate change, particularly global warming and Iceberg Melting. Air pollution is the contamination of the natural air by mixing it with different pollutants such as harmful fumes and chemicals. As a result of the growing worldwide consumption of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased steadily since 1900, and the rate of increase is accelerating with past decades.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says 92 percent of the world’s population breathes air containing pollutants exceeding WHO limits, published their latest research released very recently.

Noise pollution, also known as environmental noise or sound pollution, is the propagation of noise with harmful impact on the activity of human or animal life. The source of outdoor noise worldwide is mainly caused by machines, transport and transportation systems.

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies, usually as a result of human activities. Water bodies include for example lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater. Water pollution results when contaminants are introduced into the natural environment.

Visual pollution is an aesthetic issue and refers to the impacts of pollution that impair one’s ability to enjoy a view. Visual pollution disturbs the visual areas of people by creating harmful changes in the natural environment.

We as human race are most effected by the pollution with rapid globalization taken place in most of the part of the world. Exposure to such particles can affect both your lungs and your heart. Long-term exposure to particulate pollution can result in significant health problems including breathing problems, unknown diseases, decreased lung function etc.

The burning of fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are causing the Earth to become warmer. The toxic chemicals released into the air settle into plants and water sources. That will be affecting the earth as well.

Pollution is the introduction of harmful contaminants into air, water or soil. These contaminants can have dire effects on entire ecosystems, making life more difficult for humans, plants and animals. In many cases, exposure to pollution has a cumulative effect on the body.

New Delhi in India and Beijing in China are the most polluted cities in the world due to the digital arena and modern thinking patterns.  Therefore, people who are living in most renowned cities including said 2 cities are advised to consume bottle water instead of tap water since 90% of the water is got contaminated.

Everybody needs a calm & peaceful environment to survive with their beloved families. They need clear & fresh air to breathe and especially for the children looking forward to a bright future.