Reality Bites - We Could Solve The CLIMATE CHANGE Problem,but Are Failing To Do So..



Yes its true-we can solve the problem-at a surprisingly manageable cost,but some f the global big shots are not keen on doing so-such as people like the US president ,Donald Trump.Although we are yet to know how their thinking pattern around this very obvious global threat work we can assume this blindness comes from personal gain and self-deception.the truth is climate change is no longer a scientific or a social challenge it will soon become a big role player in the global political and social arena.

2018 will most likely be the fourth warmest year on record since 1880, with the past five years being the warmest ever recorded. To make it Worse, in 2017 carbon emissions increased once again after 3 years.

The Emissions Gap Report 2018 from the UN lays out that the nationally determined commitments by different countries made at the Paris agreement, in 2015, would be not sufficient, even if implemented, to keep the increase in global average temperatures to below 1.5C above the pre-industrial level, as most experts think desirable. The report instead says that ‘current NDCs imply global warming of about 3C by 2100, with warming continuing afterwards’ Accordingly, the shift has to start now: if emissions do not turn down before 2030, it will be too late to stay below 2C.

According to Adair Turner, chairman of the Energy Transitions Commission, recently argued that” a zero-carbon economy is now both feasible and affordable. Indeed, he stresses, this ‘would be undoubtedly technically possible at a very small economic cost’. If this transition is properly implemented, it will be a huge boost to the role of electricity, with a parallel shift to nuclear and, above all, renewable sources of electricity generation. Among three other essential technologies will be: hydrogen power, from hydrogen produced by electrolysis; bioenergy, for aviation fuel and feedstocks for plastics; and carbon capture.

Here is the tragedy – the scientists and technologists have won the argument but the climate sceptics & deniers have won the policy debate. What the earth needs now are policy makes-essentially conscious politicians able and keen on implementing proper policies and persuade the decision makers to bring the world to a sustainable prosperity.