New Species Of Gecko Found From Nilgala Forest


A new species of gecko found in Nilgala savanna forest this year. The species is named as Nilgala day gecko (Cnemaspis nilgala). According to researches Sri Lanka is home for 24 species of geckos belonging Cnemaspis day geckos.  Two species are endemic to Sri Lanka. 

“It is important to identify Sri Lanka not just as a biodiversity hotspot, in particular for lizards, but also for the much smaller geckos,” says lead author Suranjan Karunarathna, an expert committee member on herpetofauna in the National Red List Assessment. The Nilgala savanna forest is home to 17 species of geckos, including one listed as critically endangered, three as endangered and five as vulnerable, says Karunarathna, along with several undescribed species.