Researches Record High Death Rate Of Leopards In Central Province


According to Willd Life Director of Central Province 30 leopards found dead in Central province since 2015. These reports were recorded in Haggala, Kandy, Maskeliya, Keerthibandarapura, Belihuloya, Horton Plains and Kotagala. It was reported that these species have been poisoned or killed by traps set up for wild boars. 

The Wildlife official said one of the main reasons for leopards entering areas inhabited by humans was the forest fires deliberately set by hunters to force wild animals into the open. Another reason was the the clearing of the jungle areas by plantation companies to expand their tea cultivation. “Due to these reasons, the leopards are losing their territory and are forced to enter inhabited areas looking for food and water. In these areas, they start hunting dogs, goats and other animals. Once the leopards settle in the areas, they don’t move from the new territory,” he explained.