Brandix Batticalo Apparel Factory Receives Net Zero Award First Time


August 11, 2019


Brandix is one of the leading apparel companies in Sri Lanka. Recently the apparel company was awarded the World’s first net zero carbon factory. This award was presented for the first time and Brandix is the only company in Sri Lanka to receive the prestigious award. During previous years Brandix plant in Batticaloa managed to neutralize the environment impact of its carbon dioxide emissions through maximum energy consumption while producing renewable energy within the plant.

Accredited by World Green Building Council’s, Net Zero Carbon Model certification is awarded by the Leonardo Academy. This certification is being introduced in the context of companies and organizations around the world looking for ways to mitigate climate change in their own business environment.

Brandix received this award for its Batticaloa plant and the company aims to bring all their plants to Net Zero level by 2023. Currently the company has taken steps already to utilize about 20MW of solar and biomass energy in every factory. All factories have taken steps to utilize their air compressors, HVAC systems, sewing machines, light systems and building accessories to maximize energy use.

UNFCCC aims to cut down 45% emissions by 2030 and further states that all companies should act to bring net zero by 2050 to prevent impact to environment.