Transforming Tourism To SDGs


According to statistics Sri Lanka tourism contributes 3.9% of growth rate per year. Economically it is higher than the global value of 3.2% of GDP which is also the highest contributor to GDP of the world.

The industry also creates 319 million of jobs in global labour force representing 10% of global employment. Currently Sri Lanka is a key destination for tourism as we are ranked the number one destination in the world. However the Easter attacks destroyed the expected achievements, although the industry is in the process of recovery. According to UNWTO three goals out of these seventeen are directly connected with sustainable tourism development such as Goal 8, 12 and 14. The 3 goals can give a clear framework for sustainable tourism with funding, investment in technology, infrastructure and human resources.

Sri Lanka tourism strategic plan clearly states that more investment and jobs to use tourism revenues to conserve the environment and sustainable support communities in all parts of the island. The report further say that major steps and actions necessary to move forward, Global sustainable tourism council and national sustainable tourism council has developed the necessary criteria along with National Sustainable tourism council has developed the necessary criteria and introduced new indicators for hotels and tour operators. The criteria was created usually organized around 4 main themes such as effective sustainable planning, maximizing social, economical benefits for the local community, enhancing cultural heritage and reducing negative impacts to environment.