Sajith Dedicates His Life To Conservation Of Leopards


Sajith Premadasa has said that he will sacrifice the rest of his life towards the conservation of leopards in the country. Premadasa made these remarks via his official Twitter handle saying “I shall sacrifice the rest of my life with dedication and immense enthusiasm for the implementation of ‘#PROJECTLEOPARD’,” which is geared towards conserving Panthera Pardus kotiya.

Environmentalist, Citizen Scientist Dilum Alagiyawanna says that he is overwhelmed and thrilled by the decision of 52 year old defeated Presidential candidate and prepared to join hands with him for making the initiative a reality not only for the implementation of PROJECT Leopard – which was the highlight of Sajith Premadasa’s Environmental Charter- but also Project Blue and Project Elephant which he strongly believe to be a need of the hour. “We really need an Environmental Leader like former US Vice President Al Gore in Asia to be a powerful voice for the voiceless wildlife not only in Sri Lanka but also in Asia. I am sure Sajith Premadasa will become a global leader in environmental and wildlife conservation,” Alagiyawana added.