CEA Caught Napping When It Comes To Required Action To Fight Pollution


A top marine scientist yesterday predicted that Sri Lanka would perform well when it came to the release of next report on plastic and polythene released to the ocean. Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) General Manager Dr. Terney Pradeep Kumara told  yesterday that unlike in the previous report where Sri Lanka was placed as the fifth worst polluter, the next report would put the island nation beyond 40th position or so.

He also said that 2015 report was based on World Bank study done in 2010 and though there was a miscalculation, he said that it helped to clean up beaches routinely on a daily basis stretching about 150 kilometres. The Scientist also stressed that he was keen to meet President Gotabaya Rajaspksa to spell out his policy proposals. “My recommendations are not going to cost anything but as a nation it is our duty to have a cleaner environment. We should start from the state institutions on the usage of plastic water bottles,” he added. Earthlanka reliably learns that despite plans underway for some time to ban single use plastic items like straws, yoghurt cups etc., through a gazette notification , nothing happened under the previous dispensation. It is understood that the CEA for some reason or other delayed such urgently needed action. Despite repeated attempts to contact CEA Director General Hemantha Jayasinghe he was not available for comments Meanwhile, Dr. Kumara said that they were doing their utmost to reduce marine pollution.

Plastic waste weighing millions of tonnes entered the oceans annually. Living organisms were also affected badly by such waste as they ingested it and their biological functions were affected due to their exposure to the chemicals in plastic, he noted. Even on the issue of illegal import of toxic garbage, it along with other relevant state organisations dragged their feet with culprits so far going scot-free.