Committee That Probed Countrywide Blackout Condemns CEB Manual Gathering Of Data


The six member committee appointed by the Power and Energy Minister to look into the electricity blackout in most parts of the country on February 3, yesterday submitted its 17-page report condemning the CEB/System Control Centre data being gathered manually.

The committee observed two versions of generation summary on the 4th Feb. 2020, which is critically connected to the incident on the 3rd Feb. 2020 and the significant discrepancy observed between the Day Ahead Economic Dispatch and the Actual System Dispatch data. Therefore, the committee highly recommends an efficient computerized information management system for this purpose to be implemented with immediate effect. Further, the committee highly recommends CEB to explore the optimum use of the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for all power plants in the country whose information can be used in real-time by the CEB/System Control Center to optimize the generation subjected to cost, availability and other constraints.

It said that as estimated by the PUCSL in 2018, the cost of unserved energy was USD 0.745/kWh and thus the impact to the economy with respect to the curtailment of 1.4 GWh on the economy is around Rs. 188 million and thus CEB to make informed decisions related to conducting rotational load shedding taking all elements into account in view of the nature of business that Board is engaged in

It also said that there “is poor “Work Flow” practice at the system control operations where there was no clear evidence of proper flow of authority, tasks, steps, people in making the final decisions of operations at corporate level which are highly economical and socially sensitive business operations”.