Climate Change Due To Coronavirus Crisis


COVID-2019 pandemic emerged towards the end of late 2019 however, it became a cut-through crisis at the beginning of this year. So far there about 1.8 million positive cases and 108, 281 deaths worldwide.

As COVID-2019 is a relatively new disease to human, to gain control of the spread of the virus, majority of countries are currently under lock-down. This has led to traffic-free roads, plan-free skies and the closure of industries therefore, a sharp drop in sound and noise pollution. For instance, China, where the virus originates from, the carbon emission was down by 25% in comparison with last year for the month of February. Is a similar situation in Europe where scientist have mapped out a significant decrease in the release of nitrogen dioxide in major cities. Though the crisis of coronavirus has consumed so many lives in the past three months, at least it has done the globe a favour by dramatically reducing carbon emission overall overtaking human efforts of reduction for a greener planet. The World Health Organisation estimates that our current carbon emission has the possibility of causing 4.2 million deaths per year by heart and respiratory diseases. Thanks to the coronavirus crisis, this year such deaths will decrease however this is short-lived as COVID-2019 will come to an end soon.

COVID-2019 has shown environmental gains. Once a human-dominated planet, or formally known as Anthropocene era is now taking over by nature. Italy, a few weeks ago was the epicentre for coronavirus pandemic spotted dolphins and swans located in the famous Venice canal. In USA, several coyotes, an animal native to North America, sightings were noted. However, with the cease of COVID-2019, these environmental gains are likely to be reversed. But what can we learn from this situation?

We are capable of making our planet greener again. Reduction in carbon emission can significantly improve climate change and maintain the biodiversity of this planet. We need to push towards the use of cleaner energy or renewable energy. It is true that COVID-2019 pandemic has claimed many lives but on the other hand, it has shown us a pathway to a greener Earth. Let us embrace this moment as an opportunity for change.