Covid-19 Versus Mental Health


The Covid-19 pandemic so far has infected 2.3 million individuals and caused 158, 691 deaths worldwide. The need for social distancing has moved many countries to impose strict regulations to ensure restricted movement of its people, leading to the closure of public and private affairs.

Hence, the Covid-19 pandemic has restrained or “quarantine” many individuals within their own homes.A drastic side effect is the highlight on mental health. Mental health is defined as the condition of an individual’s psychology and emotion state.Social distancing due to Covid-19 has affected mental health of the population based on their various experience to the pandemic. Such cases are highlighted below,

There is an increased number of health care staff experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Health care staff around the world are daily exposed to traumatic situation. Sighting numerous deaths per day can cause a feeling of helplessness. Due to scares resources difficult decision can cause feelings of guiltiness and sorrow. These situations are not uncommon, during the SARS outbreak notes health care workers were two to three times at risk of PTSD. In general, nurses particular who work closely with patients have high tendencies to commit suicide. Last year, in the US 11.97 (female) and 39.8 (male) per 100,000 nurses committed suicidehowever, with Covid-19 these numbers are expected to rise. Other than health care workers individuals from the community also can experience PTSD.

Community-associated PTSD include individuals who have faced quarantine or being with family members suffering from Covid-19. On the other hand, quarantine individuals who do not necessarily obtain PTSD can experience increased levels of stress and anxiety due to economic stress. Current data projects that post Covid-19, for every 1% increase in unemployment will lead to about 775 Americans to commit  suicide and more than 100,000 individuals to suffer from addictions. Increased levels of economic stress have led to increased cases of domestic violence. For instance, domestic violence cases reported to police were tripled in China for February compared to last year.

To avoid PTSD or minor symptoms such as increased anxiety and stress, individuals should focus on self-care. Though social distancing is important, try to connect with your daily social groups by the use of technology. Introduce activities that calm your mind such as meditation. Overall, mental health is an important issue specially during this pandemic, I hope this article has highlighted this issue.