UN Secretary General Propose Six Climate Related Actions For Earth Day


Today is International Earth day  Earth day was celebrated 1970 in 193 countries globally. Releasing a statement UN secretary general proposed six climate related actions on this earth day. 

First: as we spend huge amounts of money to recover from the coronavirus, we must deliver new jobs and businesses through a clean, green transition.

Second: where taxpayers’ money is used to rescue businesses, it needs to  be tied to achieving green jobs and sustainable growth.

Third: fiscal firepower must drive a shift from the grey to green economy, and make societies and people more resilient

Fourth: public funds should be used to invest in the future, not the past, and flow to sustainable sectors and projects that help the environment and the climate.

Fossil fuel subsidies must end, and polluters must start paying for their pollution

Fifth: climate risks and opportunities must be incorporated into the financial system as well as all aspects of public policy making and infrastructure.

Sixth: we need to work together as an international community.

UN Secretary General further stated that these six principles will help to recover earth for better living. He further commented that working together will help to save lives, ease suffering and lessen the shattering economic and social sequence. According to UN secretary general Covid 19 is dreadful and current crisis is a wake up call to save bio diversity  and stop climate disruption.