A Potential Cure For Covid-19


Globally, there are over 4.01 million Covid-19 cases with 275, 781 deaths. Covid-19 has dominated the whole start of 2020, and now we are entering the month of May with bleak hope of any potential vaccine. 

Vaccines are biological agents that trigger an immune response against a recognised pathogen. The development process of vaccines is complex which usually starts with a group of scientists trying to understand how certain pathogen interact within a host. If they identify and develop a potential reagent they usually go on to test its characteristic using an animal model. Afterwards, if the biological reagent shows promising results, the scientist can claim a patent and formally register it as a vaccine. However, before this step, they will need to do a series of clinical trials to test the safety and efficacy of this vaccine on a human host. Usually, this process takes eight to ten years but under unexpected events such as a global pandemic, there are fast-track regulators approaches are being excepted.

Currently, there are eight human trials been conducted in the race for a future Covid-2019 vaccine. Out of the eight trials, five trials are led from China.Sinovac Biotech, a Chinese pharmaceutical company is believed to be the leading team to be able to produce the first Covid-19 vaccine. Their vaccine, Xuzhou vaccine works by inactivating the viruses, SARS-Covid-2 ability to reproduce. Currently, they are at phase 2 human clinical trials are hoping to be the first Covid-19 vaccine. There are high hopes for this vaccine. Sinovac Biotech Senior director stresses that “ We want to end this pandemic so we’ re trying our best to make it as quick as possible by working around the clock