UN Climate Change Launches Russian Language Communications Tools


UN Climate Change has launched a Russian language version of its website and social media channels as part of its efforts to expand the geographical reach of communications on climate change and respond to the rising demand for information.

The UN Climate Change website already provides information on the UNFCCC negotiations, climate action engagements, meetings, conferences and all related documents and resources, along with key climate change news, in English, Spanish and French, and reaches over 13 million people a year. Around 240 million people are estimated to speak the Russian language, within and beyond the Russian Federation.

The establishment of the UNFCCC website in the Russian language was made possible with a voluntary financial contribution from the Russian government. Welcoming the Russian language version of the website, Sergey Vershinin, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, said: “Climate change remains one of the key challenges of modern society. Since the development of the Convention and later on, accepting the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, Russia has been actively engaged in the efforts of the international community in this direction. We now have an opportunity not only to share the long-term results with tens of millions of Russian-speaking users around the world, but also to involve experts, journalists, representatives of international organizations and common people, especially youth, in climate change action on a regular basis.”