Steps Being Taken To Arrest Suspects In Wanathawilluwa – Divisional Secretariat


According to Wanathawilluwa divisional secretariat, steps being taken to arrest the suspects who destroyed nearly 100 acres of forest in Eluwankulama, Wanathavilluwa., Puttalam district. Divisional Secretariat further stated that the forest land belongs to forest department and 6000 acres was given to cement cooperation during 1960.

According to environmentalists the forest clearance had been done using chainsaws over several months. The perpetrators have done this after performing rituals to invoke blessings from the deities. Using chainsaws, ‘ Palu’ trees which were more than 200 years old had been felled and removed stealthily. Besides, ‘Weera’ and Satinwood which were about 100 years old had been felled. The area is situated near the buffer zone of Wilpattu national park and with the destruction of the forests; it is inevitable that the elephants and other animals will roam into the neighboring villages.