11 People Bitten By Wild Foxes In Horana


Several groups of wild foxes have been invading the villages which are located around the Horana area for few months period of time. In past few months, humans have been bitten 11 times by foxes and around 30 dogs have been bitten by foxes. According to the investigations, it was revealed that the reason for the unusual behavior of the foxes is an infection of rabies virus to them.

After the rabies infection, foxes become fearless and their behavior patterns are changing. Usually the foxes afraid to the humans and they runaway when they confront with humans. However, after the infection of rabies foxes become fearless and attacking to the humans and dogs.

The first fox attack was reported from the 6th of June after the group of dogs were bitten by a rabies infected fox. In the same month, a buffalo and a cow were found in abnormal symptoms and the animals were killed by rabies virus which was come to the body of those animals as a result of being bitten by foxes in jungles. At a media briefing, a director of Wild life Conservation Department,Dr.TharakaPrasad warned to the people who are living of villages around Horana town to stay alert regarding the developing situation and be safe from mad foxes.

He requested from the villagers to limit the travel during night times and the early morning on the roads which are located nearby to the forest areas.Dr.Prasad says that fox population in Kalutara district living from the borders of the KaluGanga river to the areas of Galpatha,Millaniya,Ingiriya and etc. He further added that Wild Life Department would take preventive measures to this issue as a collective effort  with regional health authorities. Meanwhile, a few days ago, a girl in Meemanapalana village located nearby to Horana town was bitten by a mad fox and the fox was killed by the residents of the area.

However, the residents of villages who are facing the threats from mad foxes have grievances that government and the related authorities were unable to get any sustainable step to rescue villagers from mad foxes and because of it they are living with fear for months