Global Landscapes Forum Biodiversity Conference: ‘One World—One Health’


Halting biodiversity loss is essential to tackle the climate, food and global health crises, but how to turn ambitious green recovery pledges into concrete solutions that are feasible to implement and fund on a large scale? In the run-up to next year’s global biodiversity talks in Kunming (China) and the UN Food Systems Summit, the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference will bring together some of the world’s most influential voices in the environmental, health and financial fields to propose specific pathways for recovery.

The event will present new evidence and launch major reports on issues such as the reduction of disease spillover from wildlife to humans and the creation of a global standard on environmental health. It will offer a chance to explore hot topics at the heart of 2021 talks such as the spread of emerging diseases along wildlife value chains; the conservation of the Amazon; the transformation of food systems; the payment for ecosystem services; the future of protected areas in the wake of COVID-19, and China’s role as the host of the 2021 Biodiversity talks. This virtual event will take place in Bonn on October 28-29 2020. The conference will be open by Executive Secretary of the UN convention on Biodiversity Elizabath Mrema