Several Central American Countries Prepare For Hurricane Iota


Hurricane Iota is heading towards Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and southern Belize in Central America, prompting relief organizations to prepare for possible “catastrophic” impacts due to the hurricane, which has become a Category 5 hurricane.

The US National Hurricane Center expected that the hurricane would head to Honduras and Guatemala, before landing in northeastern Nicaragua on Tuesday tonight. It will rapidly weaken and vanish over Central America by next Wednesday.

The Center also stated that the hurricane would be accompanied by torrential rains in Honduras, northern Nicaragua, Guatemala and southern Belize, which would lead to large, life-threatening floods and mudslides in high-terrain areas.  Iota hurricane is the first hurricane of the fifth category to hit Central American countries this year, threatening many regions that are still recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Eta that hit the countries of the region a few days ago.

Also, this hurricane is the 13th in this years hurricane season in the Atlantic region. In regular season only about five or six hurricanes occur, according to the US National Hurricane Center.

Courtesy QNA.