World Cup 2022 Will Be The Most Accessible Ever


The SC has installed sensory rooms in multiple stadiums to create accessible experiences for fans with autism.

The rooms are equipped with noise cancellation, soft furnishings, mood lighting, relaxing music and brightly colored sensory toys and equipment. These features are designed to manage a person’s anxiety and allow them, as well as their families and friends, to watch football matches in a welcoming, calming and inclusive environment. They are set to be available in the upcoming FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020.

The SCs Access & Inclusivity Strategist Mark Dyer said “We are proud of our collaborative efforts with FIFA and Q22 towards including people with disabilities at every step of the process to prepare for the tournament which is key to ensuring that stadiums and other key facilities are tried and tested by those who will use them. We believe in the principle of nothing about us, without us and that is central to all of our work.”

“Through the Accessibility Forum, we are able to engage those key stakeholders in the country that are responsible for some of the most important touchpoints of the user journey when fans with disabilities come to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup,” he added.

News Courtesy – QNA.