Sri Lanka Ranks As The Country For Most Elephant Killings – COPA


Sri Lanka tops the lists for number of elephants getting killed due to human – elephant conflict.  Sri Lanka is also ranked number two globally where humans have died in conflict with wild Elephants, testimony led before the Committee on Public Accounts (COPA) heard according to a statement released by the Parliament’s Office of Communications said. 

This information was published by COPA which had ordered a special audit into the Human- Elephant conflict by renowned elephant expert Dr. Prithviraj Fernando the head of the Centre for Conservation and Research. Chair of the COPA committee Prof. Tissa Vitharana expressed that 407 elephants and humans died during past 12 years. Number people dying from elephant attacks increased to 122 per year from 85 last year. Report states that a sustainable solution needs to be finalized by the experts and wildlife department.