Eco Friendly Product To Cure Covid-19


Two university academics on Wednesday introduced a new Eco-friendly product, Viroshield Antimicrobial Liquid that can kill Covid-19 virus and any  other viruses and bacteria that are active for 28 days on any surfaces including clothing.

Dr. Prasanga Gayanath Manthilaka of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Peradeniya and Dr. Ranga Dissanayake  Senior lecture of Pharmacology of Sri Jayewardenepura University y launched this Eco-friendly product at the Ministry of Environment under the patronage of Minister of Environment Mahinda Amaraweera. They spelled out that Covid-19 virus can remain active on certain surfaces for up to 28-70 days, making people at risk of contracting Covid-19 by contact with them.

They also pointed out that almost all of the sanitizers currently in use are formulated using alcohol and rapidly evaporate. “Because of this hands can be cleaned frequently using sanitizers. But there are problems with disinfecting surfaces such as clothing, office chairs, and passenger coaches and other vehicle seats that are in daily contact,” they said. Minister Amaraweera expressed concern about the number of plastic empty bottles that are added to the environment on a daily basis has increased as almost all of the commonly used sanitizers are contained in plastic bottles and containers.

He said that the uniqueness of this new product is that once it is applied to a surface, it remains active for 28 days and is active enough to destroy any germs. Citing example, he said if applied to a cloth, washing it twenty times will not destroy the quality of the product. Also, no odor is emitted from this liquid. Therefore, it is possible to destroy the Covid-19 virus that is found on clothes, as well as to protect themselves from it. The duo also said that no other country in the world has ever produced a product that can last for 28 days, especially targeting the surface, and that this could be introduced to the world as the first product.

Amaraweera said that this liquid can be applied to schools, buses and other vehicles as well as clothing and this product will help to destroy the Covid 19 virus and prevent the huge number of plastic bottles currently being released into the environment. The Minister also expressed his gratitude to the experts for introducing this product as it is an Eco-friendly product.