How To Reduce Covid-19 Risk At Home


By now all of us know that the Covid-19 virus is an airborne disease. As an airborne disease, it is important for us to regulate the circulation of air in our daily environments to reduce the risk of Covid-19. 

SARS-CoV-2 is carried around through air droplets or aerosols which can be suspended in the air longer therefore poor ventilation facilitates the formation of these aerosols.

The best strategy is to keep your home open, opening windows and doors when you have large gatherings in your home for instance Christmas parties. Or if the weather is perfect, try moving your party to the garden. Get your air conditions or fans ready. Not all of us have air conditions but compared to fans they are a better option. Air conditions help ventilate rooms by recycling all indoor air while fans only circulate air around them. Therefore, fans should be placed near a window so it allows outdoor air to circulate and mix with indoor air resolving perfect ventilation to the house.

In public places, the World Health Organisation considers hot zones to have at least 12 airflow changes per hour, meaning the air is replaced 12 times every 60 minutes. This is the recommended gold standard for ventilation. Hopefully, these suggestions help you readers, Enjoy your holidays!!!