Our Resources Not Tapped With Development - Anura Yapa

Senior Politician, Kurunegala District Parliamentarian Anura Priyadarshana Yapa yesterday expressed concern about country’s development progress, stressing Sri Lanka has all potential but resources and development is not tapped in the right way.

“I think we are still in the dark. I am very sorry to have been a Member of Parliament for a long time in this country regarding the current discussions in our country, ” he said speaking at a function held in Polgahawela yesterday. Yapa said: “Having been a Member of Parliament for a long time and a Minister in this country, I am deeply saddened that the current discussions in our country have become merely private discussions. I suggest that they should become public discussions.
In some countries the technology is very advanced. Today we are using a vaccine made in our neighboring country India for Covid. We have not talked about the technological advancement in that country.” He said authorities have not talked about how Sri Lanka can get technological advancement. “We have not talked about how we can achieve the advances found in other parts of the world. We have not even talked about how to create good management for the public sector. We have not talked about a way to make our institutions profitable. I think the discussion on always presenting only the interests of the trade unions and destroying the great hopes of the public of the country should be diverted.” Yapa said: “Today the whole world is at a crossroads in a way. Today we are all one of the countries where the Covid epidemic is beginning to take hold. None of us can escape this. We can only get rid of it by following careful, proper health advice.