President Say No To Controversial Road



President Gotbaya Rajapaksa yesterday didn’t endorse a request of a three- kilometre forest sketch for road construction, which is coming and other forest, saying he would consult experts about it, well informed officials said.

President Rajapaksa visiting Deraniyagala yesterday for yet another episode of conversations with the village, was indeed thoughtful, an environmentalist It is reliably understood villagers have been incited by government henchmen to ask for the said three-kilometre road from Pallebhaga to Kitulgala through Makandawa Reserve. Makandawa, a haven for birds.

Birds enthusiasts said the Forest Reserve is one of the best hidden away in the vicinity of its better-known counterpart; Kitulgala. The Department of Wildlife has filed 219 cases against forest areas being utilized for development activities. A senior official said: “Court orders are being given…and they cannot be violated… irrespective of posts and positions. On our part we would fight for the justice,” he said.

Earlier, President seems to be planning on ordering verbal instructions to destroy Makandawa Bird Paradise. However, he has decided to keenly monitor the out come and seek expert opinion rather than going by the whims and fancies of eco terrorists. Centre for Environmental Justice, Environmental Scientist, Hemantha Withanage sad that the 1/2020 circular has been introduced through which nearly 700,000 forests have become vulnerable. “When forest and wildlife officers visit these areas, they are helpless. They have been forced to not enact the laws and even remove longstanding cases,” he added.