Small And Medium Scale Women Entrepreneurs Face Losses Due To Pandemic

Shakila Ifham

January 11, 2022


A recent survey shows 178 women entrepreneurs involved in small and medium scale projects found it hard to cope up with the Covid-19 pandemic, Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) Environmental Scientist Chalani Rubesinghe said.

She told the Earth Lanka, sadly, there were no success stories, however, those involved in food related business managed to survive.

CEJ study also showed that they were unaware of state institutions that helped those affected. The survey was designed and analysed by Sociologist Ujitha Ottali.

“We are helping to re-establish lost revenue streams in the face of the plague. Ecological Justice, Selection of Women Leading the Vocational Sector in the Informal Sector in three Selected Divisional Secretariats (Kolonanawa, Maharagama, Kaduwela) in the Colombo District,” she added.

This project aimed at creating a sustainable development through targeting the community, identifying the problems they face with the pandemic and overcoming those crisis through awareness.

The Divisional Secretariat of Kolanawa, Maharagama and Kaduwela conducted a survey and awareness programmes with selected environmental groups
The group also observed that, as everyone knows, the monthly income decreases numerically as well as the tendency to receive income decreases. Among the points put forward  the fall of the dimension thus; Loss of market, reduction of working days, reduction of wages, increase in prices of raw materials, increase in transport charges due to loss of transportation services, closure of workplace, cessation of production, etc.

It was clear that 59 per cent of the survey participants had resorted to borrowing due to the impact on income. For everyone else, it’s only a temporary solution. Based on these findings, CEJ aims to educate these women about the service through government and private agencies to help them regain their lost income.

The findings were aimed at communicating with entrepreneur women country wide. Business registration in informal employment communities, relief and services provided by government agencies; job training programs, financial assistance / credit facilities, knowledge of job creation opportunities and awareness of women’s welfare programs were monitored through these programs.

“Through our studies, we provided information on what small and medium scale entrepreneurs need to know about registering their business,” she added.