Tourism Boost After Pandemic In Sri Lanka

Shakila Ifham

January 16, 2022


Sri Lanka targets on average 100,000 tourists a month, in other words, Sri Lanka Tourism Chairman Kimarli Fernando said that they are confident of getting a minimum 1.1 million tourists this year.

Responding to queries, at a Webex organised by the President’s Media Centre, on Thursday, she said Sri Lanka got 2.3 million tourists in 2018, on average 200,000 monthly and some 6.600 daily, if the Board could achieve half of it she stressed that they had achieved a target.

Fernando also said that Sri Lanka should also be sent to global standards and criteria to achieve the goal and that all citizens should be positively positive towards it.

The affiliation of a number of new entities affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism under the Government’s new programme contributes directly to the development of the tourism industry, she said.

Sri Lanka’s ability to scientifically manage the Covid phenomenon has led to an increase in tourist arrivals to Asian countries, she added.

The Chairman also said that the Tourism Development Authority has a plan in place to achieve the desired goals. The main objective of the Tourist Attractions is to promote the cultural potential and potential of Sri Lanka’s natural and human resources as well as its potential for attracting tourists to Sri Lanka rapidly. Entrepreneurs in the home and medium-sized tourism industry need formal training in all terms.

Tourism Ministry Secretary S Hettiarachchi said that the Ministry of Tourism has announced that steps will be taken to revive the collapsed Sri Lankan tourism industry in accordance with a planned programme.

He also said that as per the new plans and strategies, the objective of his ministry is to earn USD 10 billion in revenue by attracting seven million tourists by 2030.

He said that the pandemic was at the forefront of the collapse of the tourism industry as never before in history.

“It was powerful enough to deprive more than a million people in the industry of direct and indirect employment. The country has lost a large amount of money to strengthen the national economy.”

Dhammika Wivesinghe, Director General of the Tourism Development Authority, said that steps are being taken in the near future to introduce the latest software required to maintain the convenience and management of visitors here.