CEB Express Concerns Over Power Shortage

Shakila Ifham

February 15, 2022


The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) management expressed concern about the shortage of nearly 150MW to the national grid due to lack of fuel, while hydro reservoirs were shrinking at a faster rate.

However, CEB Spokesperson Andrew Navamani told journalists that only bright spot is little bit of rains and if this formed into heavy showers it could be utilised for more than a week or so.

Electricity sector regulator, The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) Chairman Janaka Ratnayake  told journalists that water levels in some reservoirs will remain in place for another two weeks or a month to generate hydro electricity.

He said that if the consumption of electricity is not restricted, there will be a definite load shedding or power cuts in the future.

He also said that plans are underway to reduce the supply of electricity to business premises and redirect that electricity to the public in the future.

Meanwhile, power generation at the Kerawalapitiya power plant has come to a complete standstill.

According to PUCSL Chief, the West Coast Power Station in Kerawalapitiya and the privately-owned Sojitz Kelanitissa Power Station in Colombo are now out of order after experiencing technical issues.

The West Coast Power Station and the Sojitz Power Station add 270 MW and 130 MW to the national grid, respectively.

The PUCSL chairman assured that restoration would be done as soon as possible.

Meanwhhile, the supply of electricity has been declared as an essential service by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

All service, work or labour, of any description whatsoever, necessary or required to be done in connection with the maintenance, and the reception, care feeding, and treatment, of patients in hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries, and other similar institution have also been declared as essential service.