QNL Organizes E-course On Combating Art Trafficking

Intiqab Rawoof

February 18, 2022


Qatar National Library (QNL) organized on Monday an e-course on “Combating Art Trafficking: A special focus on manuscripts,” within the framework of its role as the regional center of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) for the preservation and preservation of heritage materials for the Arab countries and the Middle East.

The three-day online training course came under the framework of the Himaya project launched by QNL to counter the trafficking and illegal circulation of the documentary heritage.

The training course will be provided by Sydney Chiche Attali, a lawyer at the Paris Bar specializing in art law and copyright law, via Zoom. It will include an introduction to the international and regional legal frameworks regarding the circulation of art and cultural goods, the various legal ways to determine documentary heritage, and an overview of the due diligence needed to be observed by actors in the art and heritage world to limit the risks related to looted works of art, regionally focused case studies of art restitution to illustrate the issues related to art trafficking and the necessity of carrying out reliable due diligence and a special focus on the licit and illicit circulation of items between the EU and the UK and the Gulf region.

QNL, as the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Regional Center, made sure that the course will be in several languages to reach different countries in the region. Therefore, it will be held in English, accompanied by Arabic, Persian and Turkish translations.

Source – QNA