Chemicals From Pharmaceutical Companies Threaten Rivers

Tharushi Fernando

February 24, 2022


Recent studies show that there is huge release of waste by pharmaceutical companies into local rivers. Now it has become a known threat that pharmaceutical companies are posing a global health threat.

In Tunis, the Blue River has been identified as one of the rivers with the largest amount of pharmaceutical waste from local production of Paracetamol, epilepsy and diabetes drugs. Similarly, rivers in Bolivia, Pakistan and Ethiopia are also identified as environments highly polluted by pharmaceutical companies.

To what extend waste produced by pharmaceutical companies effect these rivers are still largely unknown. However, scientist have already hypothesis that the presence of antibiotic waste in rivers can lead to drug resistance when used as medication to treat certain disease. Already drug resistance has become a huge issue in treating microbial infections. The presence of these chemicals also risks the lives of aquatic animals. In the future extinction of aquatic will become a common occurrence if effective solutions are not implemented soon.